Entries by Scott Beyer

Summer Solstice 2019

In this issue, we tackle the benefits of outsourcing. We look at several tasks and responsibilities that often
benefit from outsourcing. We explore when hiring an expert to handle your practice billing might be the right
solution versus having a skilled in-house employee. Social media management, recruitment, and human resources are also areas that we look into in this issue, offering you different points of view and expert advice on how to decide what is best for your practice.
Contributors include leadership consultant and executive coach, Doug Gray, PhD, Dr. George Rogu of RBK Pediatrics in Long Island, and Dr. Seth Kaplan of TLC Pediatrics in Texas.

Spring Equinox 2019

Contributors this issue include Paul Vanchiere, founder of the Pediatric Management Institute, who highlights critical terms shareholder agreements ought to include to ensure smooth ownership transfers, and Brandon Betancourt, fellow consultant, whom I am delighted to welcome as a contributing editor for our Spring Equinox ViewPoint issue. Brandon and I had a chance to record a podcast that is jammed packed with valuable and insightful information, kicking off the podcast by asking about buy-ins and moving into valuations, paths to partnership, assumptions some physicians have when selling the practice to partners and much more.

Winter Solstice 2018

In this issue, we spoke with PCC regarding the latest innovations in Health IT, their dedication to helping independent pediatricians, and their new We Care program designed to do just that. We also take a look at the state of healthcare since the November elections, how physicians’ political stripes may play a role in the care patients receive, and why benefit corporations are a great fit for healthcare organizations. We also discuss putting workplace democracy to work in your practice, and deliver expert leadership advice from Practice Management Consultant Brandon Betancourt on why trust between partners is key to practice success. And for those of you looking for something informative to listen to on your commute or coffee break, Krista Bowman joins me for a ViewPoint podcast that unpacks what you need to know about Direct to Employer engagements in pediatrics.