Is a PEO right for your practice?

Is a PEO right for your practice? Here’s a primer to help you decide.

Payer Innovations: How Payers Are Innovating Technology, Payments, & Delivery Of Care

Consumers demand access to information and data, and Payers are giving them what they want. Digital coaches, mobile apps, and more. The result? Patients are taking charge of their health like never before.

Physicians Are Not All Equal

Guest columnist & Verden Group Associate Robert Goff examines the potential for Core Quality Measures to drive innovation and change in physicians services.

When Science Fiction Isn’t Fiction Anymore

Heidi explores exciting advances in medical technology ripped from the screens and pages of Science Fiction. From holograms to bionics and a global contest to develop a Star Trek-style tricorder, it’s clear that the future is now.

Telemedicine: A Roadmap to the Benefits and Risks Of Implementation

Telemedicine is here… and it’s here to stay. Are you ready? Renée Hartleib examines the benefits and advantages, as well as best practices to stay on the right side of potential liability.

Utilizing Simple ‘Tech Tools’ in your Practice Effectively

Want to improve delivery of care while saving time, money, and paper? Jose walks you through the tips and tech tools you should be using now.

Medicare Legislative Update: SGR Repeal, CHIP Reauthorization, and PIMA

Congress recently passed the ‘Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act.’ Jose Lopez breaks down what it all means for your practice.

Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects and Deadlines in a Busy Medical Provider Setting

Learning to manage stress caused by the multiple demands on your time will allow you to run your day, instead of your day running you.